At Mascari Warner Architects, we understand that for a business to truly be innovative and responsive to the clients’ needs, there must be a shift from simply producing a service to creating an environment, evoking a feeling, and inspiring those who interact with it. From healthcare to commercial, offices to residential, we beautifully combine function with form from the inside out.

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Alexander Menshikov

Traveling new horizons, playing and watching soccer.
Mascari Warner Architects - Cameron Mascari (3)

Anna Rowland

Photographing her worldwide adventures (43 countries)
Beidi He - Mascari Warner Architects Beidi He having fun with her cats

Beidi He

Playing with her two beautiful cats.
Mascari Warner Architects - Cameron Mascari (1)

Cameron Mascari

Reading, playing video games, listening to podcasts
Mascari Warner Architects - Debbie Molina

Debbie Molina

Fishing, BBQs, hanging out with her family

Dinara Usmankhodjaeva

Sipping on herbal teas for their great taste and incredible medicinal properties
Erion Qalliaj - Mascari Warner Architects

Erion Qalliaj

Photographing Arizona landscapes
Francisco Rivero - Marcari Warner Architects

Francisco Rivero

Surfing since he was 21
Mascari Warner Architects - Gabriela Bendick

Gabriela Bendeck

Traveling the world
Mascari Warner Architects - Cameron Mascari Giang Nguyen

Giang Nguyen

Working out, hiking, biking

Javier Zepeda

Photography, martial arts, cycling, gardening and baseball.

Jenny Zahniser

Going to the beach, taking walks in nature
LeRoyal - Mascari Warner Architects

LeRoyal Jones

Staying in shape, competitive bodybuilding
Mascari Warner Architects - Mike Vanderhoof

Michael Vanderhoof

Surfing, golfing, hanging out at the beach
Milanka Lehman, RA, NCARB Milanka Lehman, RA, NCARB

Milanka Lehman, RA, NCARB

Painting, sewing and playing with her kids.
Mascari Warner Architects - Nathaniel Guerrero, AIA, CSI

Nathaniel Guerrero, AIA, CSI

Car maintenance, radio controlled model building
Mascari Warner Architects - Sandra LaDrew

Sandra LeDrew

Biking, yoga
Zack Paradise - Marcari Warner Architects

Zack Paradise

Relaxing at the river and learning to fly a plane