At Mascari Warner Architects, we understand that for a business to truly be innovative and responsive to the clients’ needs, there must be a shift from simply producing a service to creating an environment, evoking a feeling, and inspiring those who interact with it. From healthcare to commercial, offices to residential, we beautifully combine function with form from the inside out.

Scripps Memorial Hospital – Radiology 64 Slice CT Remodel


As a trauma center serving the City of San Diego, Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla decided to invest in the replacement of their single slice CT with a 64 slice machine, offering quick access to detailed diagnostic information, especially for their critical patients. The new equipment required enlargement of the existing CT space.

The 64 Slice Replacement project opened the door to renovation of the interior, once clinical, turned soothing, filled with soft lines, vibrant color and a ceiling emanating the night sky. A new UPS system was installed to service this new CT.

Project Highlights

  • GE CT Lightspeed VCT 64 Slice CT
  • 875 SF CT Room, Control Room and Electrical Room
  • 51 SF ADA Restroom Upgrade
  • 75 SF Barium Kitchen Remodel
  • ADA Door Upgrades


San Diego, California

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