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Scripps Memorial Hospital Outpatient Imaging Pavilion


In response to rapidly advancing technologies in diagnostic imaging equipment, Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla has developed a new 4,900 square foot Outpatient Imaging Center. This center provides patients and physicians with modern diagnostic tools: a 1.5 Tesla Short Bore Magnet, a 64 Slice CT scanner and a 64 Slice PET / CT scanner will give the physicians access to the best imaging equipment available today.

Originally, Scripps planned to locate this imaging equipment within the hospital; however, like many aged California facilities, the expense to upgrade a portion of the existing hospital to meet current codes and SB 1953 requirements proved to be prohibitive. As a creative solution, this freestanding facility allowed for the construction of all three modalities at half the cost to build them in the existing hospital. The design also addressed future flexibility by providing window openings in each of the scan rooms large enough for the eventual replacement of outdated equipment.

Project Highlights

  • Freestanding outpatient imaging facility
  • 4,900 SF
  • GE 1.5 T HD Excite MRI
  • GE 64 Slice CT
  • GE 16 Slice PET/CT
  • Fabric canopy system


  • Carlsbad, CA

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