At Mascari Warner Architects, we understand that for a business to truly be innovative and responsive to the clients’ needs, there must be a shift from simply producing a service to creating an environment, evoking a feeling, and inspiring those who interact with it. From healthcare to commercial, offices to residential, we beautifully combine function with form from the inside out.

Carlsbad Medical Village


The concept for this condominium style Carlsbad Medical Village is centered on the notion of healthcare being delivered in an efficient, yet relaxing, environment. Rather than going to a hospital or clinic, the patient has easy access to medical care in their neighborhood in a comforting, walk-in fashion.

The project combines five single-story, detached medical office buildings, consisting of two condo units per building, totaling 23,475 square feet. Because it is surrounded primarily by single-family developments, the landscaping, decorative walls and fences were designed to provide a buffer to the surrounding residential properties.

The design of the single-story buildings is based on the architecture of the Craftsman Bungalow. This design includes low-pitched roofs, deep overhanging eaves, decorative wood trellises and entry porches supported by stone bases. United by a consistent style, each building is given its own identity through the use of a variety of materials, colors and architectural features such as dormers and trellises.

Project Highlights

  • Total Building Area: 23,475 SF
  • 5 single-story detached medical office buildings (shell-only)
  • 2 condo units per building for a total of 10 units / common area
  • Buildings range in size from 3,915 SF to 5,265 SF
  • 2.21 acres
  • Parking provided at 5 spaces/1000 SF based on gross area (119 spaces total)


  • Carlsbad, CA

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